Traditional hourly mediation and all-inclusive Guided Mediation™.

Mediation services which are billed based upon the total number of hours spent at mediation.

Like guided meditation which helps you focus on your breath thereby making it less likely that your mind wanders, Guided Mediation TM is a process that keeps the participants “focused” on resolution through mediation preparation. Preparation reduces anxiety and fear and increases the likelihood of a successful mediation. Preparation is increased because of the mediator’s background as an attorney, forensic accountant, business valuator and financial planner and the work done before the mediation rather than during the mediation. This can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars as well as hours of your life.

Whatever it takes to reach resolution within one day. Some mediations may be 4 hours, while others may be 8 or 10 hours plus.

Pre-mediation meetings make a successful mediation more likely and gives you the opportunity to digest the information and process it prior to mediation rather than during.

Additional pre-mediation meetings can be scheduled at the hourly rate of $350 per hour.

It’s important because most people say they want to reach a settlement at mediation. Unfortunately, many people show up at mediation unprepared. Preparation is not just for Court. Being prepared for mediation makes it more likely that a settlement can be reached at mediation. While mediation can be used as another discovery tool, in most instances it should not be just for purposes of obtaining additional information. It is an expensive day and everyone should be prepared ahead of the mediation.

Every matter is different and the level of preparation may be different. The goal of Guided Mediation TM is to provide the professionals and their clients the necessary information needed so that they feel comfortable making educated decisions. The difference between the packages (Essential, Advanced and Premium) is the level of preparation that must be completed prior to the mediation.

Each matter has a mediation plan and that plan is specially crafted for each mediation. If you feel that one of the preset mediation packages does not meet your needs then please contact our office to explore the potential of other options.

If you purchase a mediation package but need additional time after the first mediation, then subsequent mediations can be reserved on an hourly basis.

Mediation is a confidential process. Attorneys are advocates for their clients. Accountants are advocates of their opinion. Mediators do not make arguments or offer opinions. Although the mediator, Jon Stief, is both an attorney and an accountant, any information provided during the mediation process is confidential and not to be used in Court. The information is provided in order to make it more likely a settlement is reached. Attorneys and/or parties accept any information provided at their own risk.

No. That would not help settlement. The mediator will assist both sides in presenting their respective positions on the various issues. The mediator has both legal and accounting experience addressing issues from various points of view.

You could but it will be a much more expensive engagement. First, parties and their professionals should be “mediation ready.” Being mediation ready makes settlement much more likely. In the event mediation is not successful, then the parties and their professionals can make the cost-benefit determination of proceeding to Court/Trial. “Trial ready” is a much more expensive endeavor. The focus should first be on settlement and the investment in litigation should be made after settlement fails.

Both “sides” should have a better idea of the other’s positions at the conclusion of mediation. If you decide to invest in litigation then it may include the additional cost of engaging a forensic accountant. The mediator cannot testify.

Traditional hourly mediation will likely make the most sense.

No. The mediator’s role is not to form an opinion nor take a side. Hiring us does assure that the mediator can speak the accounting language and assist in resolving any financial issues.