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What makes us different


Diverse experience with various viewpoints as attorney, mediator and forensic accountant leads to higher likelihood of resolution.


Conflict de-escalation rather than escalation.


Transactional family law rather than family law litigation.


Use of advanced technology to save clients time and money.


Educating spouses about financial matters during marriage and prior to divorce litigation.


Use of various methods of communication to make sure you can always reach our team and your questions and concerns are addressed.

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He is sincere, dedicated and has genuine interest in helping people resolve their financial differences during separation/divorce amicably and quickly.
- Andrew
In all cases I find him to be a pleasure to work with, as well as extremely professional and knowledgeable.
- Emma
As a legal assistant, working with Jon and his entire staff is always a pleasure. The workproduct is exceptional and always professional.
- Jennifer
Professional, accurate and able to get two sides to see the same thing in a very difficult time. Goes above and beyond. Highly recommend.
- Steve
His knowledge of the law and accounting is endless. I couldn't have gotten through my divorce without his expertise.
- Nicole

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