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As a committed attorney in the field of family law, you're keenly aware of the challenges that can arise during divorce proceedings. We understand the complexities you face, and we're excited to share how our Guided Mediation™ services can transform your practice.

You, as an attorney seeking adept assistance, can rely on Jon’s comprehensive legal background as a member of the Florida Bar and recognition as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. Licensed in the State of Florida, Jon brings a distinct blend of legal and accounting acumen to support you and your clients through complex accounting and legal challenges. Embrace a proactive approach that leads to swift resolutions, eliminating the need for prolonged court battles.

Unlock the Potential of Guided Mediation™


Embrace a more streamlined and efficient practice with Guided Mediation™. Our process is designed to expedite resolutions, ensuring you spend less time navigating protracted cases and more time delivering results for your clients.

Preparation for
Mediation First:

Forget the traditional approach. Optimize your strategy by focusing on mediation (settlement) before delving into litigation. With Guided Mediation™, you'll be equipped with the tools needed to set the stage for successful resolutions.

Avoid Unnecessary

Bid farewell to cases that linger unnecessarily in the court system. Guided Mediation™ empowers you to address issues promptly, minimizing the chances of litigation and delivering faster, client-centric outcomes.

Take on
More Cases:

Efficiency breeds capacity. With Guided Mediation™, you'll have the bandwidth to take on more cases, expanding your practice and reaching new heights of professional success.


Happy clients are the cornerstone of a thriving practice. Guided Mediation™ ensures your clients are well-prepared and well-informed, leading to increased satisfaction with the resolution process.

Enhanced Work/Life

Reclaim control over your work/life balance. Guided Mediation™ streamlines procedures, allowing you to achieve a better balance between your professional and personal life.

Addressing Pain Points

We understand the frustrations that often accompany family law cases. Guided Mediation™ addresses common pain points:

Embrace Guided Mediation™:
The Game-Changer for Your Practice:

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